Bespoke office furniture and repairs at Norman Lewis

Our repairs and bespoke office furniture departments have been very busy recently! We have completed many projects over the last couple of months including a bespoke reception counter, complete chair renovations and reproduction flooring.

Bespoke Office Furniture

French Polishing – our French polishing team is very experienced in the restoration of antique furniture to best possible finish. The works can either be undertaken on site during evenings or weekends to minimise disruption or can be collected and completed off site. Please call us on 020 8684 4400 to discuss any restoration requirements.


Chair Reupholstery – whether for one or one hundred chairs, chair repair and reupholstery is usually more cost effective than buying new seating. We can replace broken arms or seats and most chair components, refoam seats and backs and reupholster with existing or different fabrics. Chairs are given a complete service before return to our customer. If necessary we can supply temporary seating while chair repairs are being undertaken. Please email our repairs team on for any further information.


Bespoke Office Furniture – our bespoke office furniture department is experienced in fulfilling a wide range of furniture needs including reception counters, built in storage and store wall, boardroom tables and desking. Liaising closely with our customers to identify exact requirements we can create 3d virtual images to illustrate exactly how our bespoke pieces will fit into existing surroundings. For any further information or advice on bespoke office furniture please call us on 020 8684 4400 or email

Bespoke Office Furniture
Bespoke reception counter being installed


bespoke office furniture
Completed bespoke reception counter – logo to be added

Custom Desking Made For Executive Training Room

Norman Lewis recently completed a project to design and supply a large London based company with a bespoke training area which involved the installation of custom desking and the supply of 30 operator chairs. The custom desking was made from beech wood and the curved effect was achieved by using specialist jigs. This project was undertaken with an extremely challenging deadline of 2 weeks and was completed on time and within budget. The curved design made excellent use of the available space and created an visually stimulating environment for learning.

The operator chairs opted for by our client were the My Mesh task chairs which are ergonomically designed to support the user and ideal for a training room environment.

Although we do not normally undertake custom desking and office design projects to such tight deadlines we will always endeavour to meet customer expectations where possible.

Norman Lewis provides office design and hire services should you require them and other areas we specialise in include:

  • Offices / Commercial
  • Interiors / Fit out
  • Universities / Schools
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Security / Media / Broadcast
  • Showrooms
  • Hotel/Leisure

If you are interested in receiving more information on Norman Lewis’ custom desking service please contact us on 0208 684 4400 or email us at

custom desking
Custom desking for a training room

Create An Impressive Office Reception Area

First impressions are important and that is particularly true of an office environment. The reception or lobby areas can be an important element of the office – allowing you to give visitors positive feelings and impressions as they enter your office for the first time.



Here are some examples of the very best and most creative and inspirational reception area solutions.



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