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Nefil is designed and manufactured to offer a perfect mix of ergonomics and elegance. The materials used to manufacture the Nefil chair are environmentally friendly and offer the flexibility and strength to provide outstanding comfort along with refreshing good looks.

Using the ingeniously simple single lever control to operate the three main chair functions – seat height, seat depth and back tilt are all operated from a single point of contact. The Nefil office chair is packed full of features including Smart Motion back technology, backrest rake adjustment, lumbar support height adjustment, seat tilt and seat depth and bodyweight tension adjustments, optional headrest and pivoting arms with height and slide adjustment. A user instruction CD is also tucked neatly below the seat.

Offered in mesh or classic leather with a contemporary aluminium frame and base, the eco-friendly Nefil chair is 97% recyclable, has Greenguard Air Quality Certification, and meets EN 1335-2:2009 and EN 1335-3:2009.


Seat Height – Allows you to raise or lower the seat height on your Nefil chair so your feet rest flat on the floor. When correctly adjusted your upper legs should be angled slightly downwards.

Armrests – Raise, lower, angle and depth adjust the armrests so your forearms rest comfortably while sitting at a desk.

Back Tilt – Adjust to change the angle of the back in relation to the seat. Will allow for multiple angles based on the individual’s requirements. The seat back can be locked in any one of 3 positions, or operated in free-float mode to follow the user’s movement.

Headrest – The headrest can be tilted and height adjusted to individually suit the user’s requirements.

Lumbar – The lumbar support can be positioned to provide the best support for the lumbar region, ensuring the S-shape of the spine is maintained for the optimum ergonomic working position.

Seat Slide – This feature allows you to change the depth of the seat to accommodate the length of your legs. When correctly adjusted, you should be able to place your clenched fist between the edge of the seat and the back of your knee. This will keep your back in contact with the backrest while avoiding pressure behind your knees

Seat Tilt – Adjust to allow the seat to tilt forward or backward and can be used in conjunction with the backrest tilt to relax the spine and take some pressure off the user’s back.

nefil mesh chair

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