CS – Hive

Configure Hive just the way you want to get the most out of your space.

We understand the interior architecture challenges of today, you can see that in every piece of Hive we make. Hive is designed by Roger Webb Associates with today’s agile working in mind.

We need our workspaces to be all things for all people. The people who use those spaces want to collaborate, concentrate, socialise and communicate. And they want to do that within the same space and at the same time. They are looking for those spaces to be effective, to help their productivity. So you need to make those spaces work as hard as possible. It’s a challenge isn’t it?

As an innovative and award-winning modular system, Hive answers that brief. Hive has integrated technology, including power modules and WiFi. It also has options for fixed or freestanding TVs and displays. And there is a range of stylish accessories, for example acoustic canopies which allow you to create private spaces. Hive also flexes with a great selection of fabrics and finishes, to reflect the brand and culture of any environment, be that office, airport or university.